Hampton Court Palace Festival 2018

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Date: 8th June 2019
Tickets: £45, £55, £65 *Subject to a booking fee
Time: 21:00 (Palace Gardens open at 17:30)

Busted have grown up without growing old. ‘Half Way There’, their first collection of supersonic, harmony-rich pop-punk since the trio conquered the world with their second album ‘A Present For Everybody’ in 2003, is an album that playfully leans towards the nostalgic and the reflective.

Spin ‘Half Way There’ and opening track ‘Nineties’ comes rushing out of the starting blocks. It's a blur of big hooks, pure energy and light-hearted references to Macauley Culkin, the Smashing Pumpkins and the “days of skipping school to watch The Goonies.” The manic pace continues with fantastical tales of being ‘Shipwrecked in Atlantis’ and paying tribute to Elon Musk with ‘A Race To Mars’. Yet this isn’t a carbon copy of exactly where Busted signed off.

"Busted songs were often about personal stuff,” adds Charlie Simpson. “‘All My Friends’ is very poignant: looking at who you are, looking at where your friends are, and thinking about what’s important. The people who are listening to our music have grown-up as well, so the things we’re talking about are still appropriate to them.”

The relatable approach is tangible in the lead single ‘Radio’. Specific songs take you back to a moment, but maybe the person you shared that experience with is no longer in your life. Listening to the radio can therefore prompt memories that are both powerful and bittersweet.

More autobiographical is ‘It Happens’, the album’s emotional finale which charts their journey together. From dreaming of pop stardom to it “being over just as fast as it began” and later commanding the stage at Glastonbury, it encompasses the highs and lows of Busted’s experiences. 

Busted don’t know what will be happening in the year 3000. They can’t even say what 2020 has in store. But in the here and now, life is good. And that’s enough.

We are delighted to have Busted at Hampton Court Palace Festival for the first time!

To enquire about VIP and Hospitality packages, please call the team today on 0208 233 6701 or email on hamptoncourtfestivalinfo@img.com

*All online orders will incur a booking fee per ticket based on the value of the ticket(s) purchased: £5.00 per ticket under £50.00, £7.50 per ticket for tickets priced £50.00 - £89.99, £9.00 per ticket for tickets priced £90.00 and over.

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