Hampton Court Palace Festival 2023

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Canned Wine Co.

Canned Wine Co. are all about making delicious, high-quality wines accessible to everyone in the most sustainable way that they can.

Official Wine partner

Official Wine partner

Enjoy your summer bites with a can of high-quality wine. Perfectly portioned so that a drop doesn't go to waste, enjoy this sustainable goodness.

Canned Wine Co Masterclasses

We are delighted to have our wine partner, Canned Wine Co offering our festival goers the opportunity to experience a 30-minute wine masterclass. 

These tasting sessions will be a chance for guests to taste through the amazing Canned Wine Co portfolio of wines, and learn about the grapes, the regions, the winemakers and how they can be paired beautifully with delicious food.

Masterclass Sessions take place at Canned Wine Co Bar at the following times:




We look forward to welcoming you!

East front gardens

East front gardens

Take a pick of one of their many delicious canned wine flavours from their pop-up on the East Front Gardens.