Hampton Court Palace Festival 2019

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Brand partnerships for 2019

Last year we were delighted to introduce you to Champagne PIAFF, one of the city’s best kept secrets, on their UK debut. We are sure that everyone met the PIAFF team and enjoyed their champagne will agree with Luxury London Magazine that premium quality Champagne PIAFF stands proudly on their list of the best bubblies for every occasion.

You are all invited to visit the PIAFF team around their traditional cellar table again this year. Let them show you the art of sabrage as they use our PIAFF sabre to elegantly open the bottles, while the friendly PIAFF staff answer all your questions about the magical process that starts in the vineyards of Champagne and ends in your glass on the lawns at Hampton Court Palace.

There is a special allocation of the very limited PIAFF Blanc de Blancs to complement their Brut and Rosé Champagnes that you so enjoyed last year. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy your PIAFF, as they will deliver directly to you now in the UK. Visit www.champagnepiaff.com for more information. 

Edwardian Hotels are an independent and dynamic hospitality group, who for several decades have contributed to the fabric of the neighbourhoods in which their hotels are located.

 “As a family-run hotel business we are unique. The diversity and long-standing nature of our network of partners is also unusual. Our partnerships network allows us to give our guests outstanding experiences and life-long memories. They help us to empower our people to deliver excellent service and become the leaders of tomorrow. They enable us to show our support for, and deepen our connections to the cities where we are based.”